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2017 Fleet Maintenance Oil Study

Jan. 3, 2018
This exclusive Fleet Maintenance magazine whitepaper, presented in partnership with Shell Rotella, features highlights from the 2017 Fleet Maintenance Oil Study that demonstrate fleets' current oil management practices.

Maximizing uptime, minimizing costs and maintaining a safe, efficient and profitable operation are the primary goals of any fleet. Fleet Maintenance is committed to serving as your ongoing resource for information and knowledge on fleet maintenance and repair. As such, we provide best practices and pertinent information to help fleets achieve the aforementioned primary goals. 

On December 1, 2016, the North American lubricants industry witnessed its biggest specification overhaul in history with the launch of the new American Petroleum Institute (API) heavy duty diesel engine oils CK-4 and FA-4. After years in development, these new oils mark a significant step-change for the industry as it meets the Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions requirements to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption. 

To gauge the impact of this on the market, Fleet Maintenance has conducted an oil study for the past two years to monitor the awareness and adoption of these oils, as well as practices fleets are using regarding oil change intervals. The results are in, and a lot has changed from our first study. 

This year, in partnership with Shell Rotella, the results of the latest oil study have been incorporated into this 2017 Fleet Maintenance Oil Study supplement.