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Lytx adds customizable features to DVIR

Aug. 29, 2023
Lytx recently added four new features to its driver vehicle inspection report system, including the capability to add photos and create multiple inspections lists for a single asset.

Lytx, a telematics and safety solutions provider, added four new features to the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) system the company released in July 2022. The program provides drivers and fleet managers with a comprehensive, customizable electronic option for vehicle inspections that can be accessed through the Lytx Driver App and Lytx Account.

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To further help fleets stay on top of their brake systems and overall vehicle safety, Lytx DVIR has introduced the following four features:

  • Walkaround Photos – Drivers can now be instructed to capture and submit four walkaround photos via the Driver App, giving managers a more complete 360-degree view of the current condition of the vehicle.
  • Multiple Inspection Lists – Managers who require periodic supplemental inspections can now create multiple lists for select vehicles and trailers that direct drivers to inspect specific items.
  • Email Notifications – To avoid constantly checking each individual DVIR, managers can stay on top of key issues by opting to receive new proactive email notifications that can be customized based on specific items, such as the type of vehicle defect (major, minor, both, etc.).
  • Scheduler Enhancement – The new scheduler enhancement tool allows for routine maintenance inspections to be set up in advance and tracked for a specific time period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

These added features will help drivers complete their inspections from their smartphone or tablet with greater detail and efficiency.

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