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Congress House subcommittee reviews REPAIR Act

Oct. 2, 2023
Kathleen Callahan, industry veteran and owner of Xpertech Auto Repair, represented the auto care industry and shared with the subcommittee the economic contribution of the entire supply chain of the industry.

The United States Congress House Subcommittee on Innovation, Data and Commerce of the House Energy and Commerce Committee met to hold a legislative hearing on "Proposals to Enhance Product Safety and Transparency for Americans." The REPAIR Act, the Auto Care Association's top federal legislative priority, was a focus of their discussion.

Representing the auto care industry was Kathleen Callahan, a 20-year industry veteran and owner of Xpertech Auto Repair. As a member of the Auto Care Association and rising vice chair of Women in Auto Care, Callahan shared the economic contribution of the entire supply chain of the auto care industry to the U.S. economy, including over $400 billion and 4.7 million jobs. Additionally, in sharing her own story she expressed the fear that many independent repair shops face about the threat to the future of their businesses. 

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The REPAIR Act is a comprehensive, bipartisan piece of federal legislation that preserves competition, affordability, accessibility and a supply chain for the independent market. If passed, the legislation would ensure that vehicle owners can choose where they get their vehicles repaired and maintained, without obstruction from vehicle manufacturers.

"The REPAIR Act aims to allow the free market to work by prohibiting competition barriers that vehicle manufacturers [use]," said Callahan. "It will guarantee shops chosen by the vehicle owner can access the data they need to safely diagnose and repair vehicles today and in the future."

In the almost three-hour long hearing, more than a dozen members of Congress inquired about the details of this widely supported legislation. It was one of the first times that this critical piece of legislation was highlighted in the legislative process.

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During the hearing, Callahan was asked why the REPAIR Act was necessary in light of the memorandum of understanding between the Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers and Automotive Service Association. 

"I'm not willing to risk my business and its future on a handshake agreement, where [automakers] could back out at any time," she answered. "This month I paid a brand-new fee to Stellantis to see basic data related to a check engine light in a long-time client's Jeep. We previously had access to this information through our current scan tool subscription services without additional paywalls."

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