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Shop Operations

How small- and medium-sized fleets can lower parts costs

Nov. 28, 2022
Small and mid-sized fleets don’t have the negotiating power of the larger fleets but that doesn’t mean they can’t find ways to reduce parts costs. Here are some tips on where ...
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Shop Management

Ways for smaller fleets to save on parts

Nov. 2, 2022
The latest data shows that maintenance and repair costs have jumped significantly. Small- and medium-sized fleets looking to save on repairs should keep these tips in mind when...
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Shop Operations

Get creative in your parts acquisition strategy

Oct. 4, 2022
If you want to retain drivers, it's essential to give them working equipment. Get creative to get the parts you need and keep truckers happy.
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Employees & Training

The importance of training parts personnel

Aug. 8, 2022
Training for parts room personnel often is overlooked. Knowledgeable parts department staff can better ensure an inventory that keeps operations as efficient as possible.
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Saving costs when sourcing parts

Aug. 1, 2022
About 20% of truck parts are uncommon enough that service providers must spend an inordinate amount of time searching for them. Service operations must adjust strategies and remain...
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Pros and cons of booming parts sales

July 1, 2022
Demand for parts is high. What can sellers do to make the most of the booming business?