Duane Bratvold

Western Regional Sales Manager, Customized Solutions, Americas Region, Webasto Group

Duane Bratvold serves as Western regional sales manager, customized solutions, Americas Region for Webasto Group. Bratvold uses his expertise in emissions standards to provide FOH and other emissions management solutions for fleets of trucks, buses and off-highway equipment.

In his capacity, Bratvold also serves as Webasto’s corporate expert on emissions and is respected within the commercial vehicle industry for his vast knowledge and 40 years of experience within the diesel emissions sector. Over his career, he has worked in partnership with many state and federal municipalities on emissions and retrofit initiatives. Bratvold has also worked with DPF and engine manufacturers, giving him a unique understanding of the effectiveness of emission control devices and their many applications.

DPF cleaning and replacements range between $2,500 to $8,000 per vehicle. Pre-heating the engine with a fuel-operated heater can increase their lifespan and reduce maintenance departments’ repair load.

How fuel-operated heaters ease aftertreatment issues

Feb. 13, 2023
Diesel particulate filter issues can be the bane of a maintenance department, but pre-conditioning engines can drastically (and economically) improve efficiency.