Noregon enhances PM tracking in TripVision

Dec. 20, 2023
The diagnostic and repair software provider's latest update allows fleets to monitor non-connected assets with the TripVision platform.

Noregon recently released an update for its remote diagnostic application TripVision, which enables fleets to add vehicles and assets to the platform even if they are not already connected to a telematics system.

“With this update, the same PM tracking benefits fleets use today for their connected tractors can now be applied to their non-connected assets, like trailers,” said Brian Sexton, Noregon product manager.

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TripVision now includes a preventive maintenance offering that lets users track PM schedules and events, and add comments and notes that can be viewed by both management and maintenance staff.

“This release helps our fleet customers automate parts of the process so any approved fleet member can have round-the-clock insights into the PM status of a fleet asset, whether it is connected to a telematics device or offline,” Sexton concluded.