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Liftgate station at TMC SuperTech 2022

TMC still needs prizes for TMCSuperTech & TMCFutureTech

July 13, 2023
Prizes can be donated for skills stations and /or for overall winners.

ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has requested additional prize donations for its National Technician Skills Competitions, TMCSuperTech 2023, as well as the student competition, TMCFutureTech 2023. The prizes will be awarded to skills stations and overall winners during an awards banquet. TMCSuperTech returns to Cleveland, Ohio's Huntington Convention Center, Sept. 17-21, in conjunction with TMC's 2023 Fall Meeting.

For more information on donating prizes, please email TMC at [email protected] or call 703-838-1763.

Prizes can range from tool and software subscriptions to money and coolers.

Donors who are also Friend of the Technician (FOT) sponsors will have their prizes announced aloud, while all donors will appear on the monitors at the awards ceremony.

For more information on becoming a Friend of the Technician Sponsor or sponsoring TMCSuperTech stations click here or email Chris Blevins at [email protected] or Janine Taylor at [email protected].

The Heavy-Duty track will be two days, Day One being the qualifying rounds with a maximum 84 technicians going onto Day Two. The other three tracks, Trailer, Light/Medium Vehicle and the student track, TMCFutureTech 2023 will be one day.

Day One of the competition will begin with the heavy-duty techs and the ASE written test at 7 am on Sunday, September 17. It will continue until approximately 6 p.m. with approximately 12 table-top skills stations.

The competition will continue on Monday, September 18 with Day Two for the heavy-duty technicians and other three tracks will begin. Like heavy-duty, they will start with the ASE written tests and once completed, the rotations will begin from there.




HD1          ASE Written Test

HD2          RP Manual

HD3          Wiring Diagrams

HD4          Lubricants & Fuels

HD5          Coolants & DEF

HD6          Electronic Engine Diagnostics

HD7          Electrical Circuits

HD8          Fasteners

HD9          Sealants and Adhesives

HD10        Service Information

HD11        Cybersecurity

HD12        Trailer Lighting



HD14        CNG Fuel System Essentials

HD15        Brakes

HD16        Wheel End

HD17        Fifth Wheel

HD18        Liftgates

HD19        Automated Manual Transmission

HD20        Tire & Wheel

HD21        Tractor PMI

HD22        Starting & Charging

HD23        Steering & Suspension

HD24        Aftertreatment Mechanical


T1              ASE

T2              Hydraulics & Drivebelts

T3              Trailer Wheel End

T4              Sealants and Adhesives

T5              Trailer Fasteners

T6              Trailer PMI

T7              Trailer Alignment

T8              Roll-Up Doors

T9              Trailer Lighting

T10            LMV/Trailer Liftgates

T11            Central Tire Inflation

T12            Trailer Electrical Corrosion

T13            Trailer ABS


LM1          ASE

LM2          Fasteners

LM3          Wiring Diagrams

LM4          RP Manuals

LM5          Coolants & DEF

LM6          Sealants and Adhesives

LM7          Electrical Circuits

LM8          Lubricants & Fuels

LM9          Trailer Wheel End

LM10        EVAP Systems

LM11        LMV Preventive Maintenance

LM12        LMV/Trailer Liftgates

LM13        CNG Fuel Systems Essentials


FT1            ASE

FT2            Fasteners

FT3            RP Manuals

FT4            Wiring Diagrams

FT5            PMI

FT6            Electrical Circuits

FT7            Lubricants & Fuels 

FT8            Cybersecurity

FT9            Coolants & DEF

FT10          Sealants and Adhesives

FT11          Trailer Wheel End

FT12          CNG Fuel System Essentials

FT13          Hydraulics & Drivebelts

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