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Southeast Power Systems joins VIPAR Heavy Duty Network

Oct. 17, 2022
The Florida-based employee-owned company with a near 75-year history specializes in fuel systems, pumps, injectors, and turbochargers sales.

Florida-based Southeast Power Systems of Orlando, Inc. is the newest stockholder to join the VIPAR Heavy Duty network.

Established in 1948, Southeast Power Systems is an employee-owned company specializing in fuel systems, pumps, injectors, and turbochargers sales. In addition to parts sales, the company also offers component rebuild, drive-in service, and installation. With locations in Orlando, Tampa, and Ft. Myers, Florida, Southeast Power Systems supports a diverse customer base including on-highway, off-highway, marine, agricultural, construction/industrial, municipalities, transit, and school buses.

“With their large footprint, Southeast Power Systems has customers throughout the state of Florida, and they are dedicated to offering new products and services to support that customer base,” said Jim Pennig, VP of business development, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “We appreciate the company’s dedication to serving their customers and are excited to welcome them to the VIPAR Heavy Duty network.”