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FedEx tests Dexterity AI’s robotic trailer loading tech

Oct. 2, 2023
FedEx is currently working with Dexterity AI's AI-powered robotic platform DexR, which can autonomously pack walls of boxes from a variety of packages inside a trailer.

FedEx is currently testing robotics developer Dexterity AI’s AI-powered robots technology DexR, which was designed to handle box loading for trucks and trailers.

“Based on feedback from our operations team, we have been looking for a solution that helps alleviate the challenges of truck loading,” said Rebecca Yeung, corporate vice president of Operations Science and Advanced Technologies for FedEx. “Collaborating with Dexterity AI to combine the latest in AI and robotics supports our operations team while meeting growing customer demand.”

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To achieve this, Dexterity AI reported that the DexR features a suite of intelligence, giving it the capability to see, touch, think, and move quickly and autonomously to create walls of randomized boxes. More specifically, the technology can navigate to the back of trailers independently and connect to a powered conveyor system that feeds packages into the trailer from FedEx’s sorting system. From there, DexR’s two arm design allows it to pick and pack boxes simultaneously.

To facilitate packing packages with various sizes, shapes, weights, and packing materials, the AI platform includes the following features:

  • Generative wall planning that allows the software to assess box wall build possibilities with each new package.
  • AI-powered force control that mimics the sense of touch so that DexR can pack boxes gently when need be
  • Machine-learning-based pack improvement, which allows DexR to learn, grow more efficient, and handle a greater variety of packing challenges as it works
  • Integrated motion planning so that DexR’s arms can move inside the trailer without hitting each other or the walls

As FedEx continues testing this technology, it will continue to be refined and deployed in the future.

“FedEx shares our belief that innovation should solve the most difficult tasks in operations,” said Samir Menon, founder and CEO of Dexterity AI. “Our collaboration is driven by a vision of AI-powered robotics that is adaptable to our customer’s most pressing needs.”

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