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5 ways QuickFit Oil Change System increases maintenance ROI

March 23, 2023
Lowering maintenance costs can be as easy as switching to a faster, cleaner, and safer oil change that requires less training and accessories to get the job done.

Hidden costs associated with changing the oil in your mobile equipment and trucks can become expensive without you realizing it, including those associated with lost production, proper staff training, oil change equipment, consumable supplies and their disposal, labor, testing, and inspection. But Parker Hannifin’s QuickFit Oil Change System can provide a faster, safer oil change, improving your ROI in five ways.

Limit downtime

Pulling a vehicle or piece of equipment out of its regular rotation is expensive. Downtime is the enemyeach minute these assets are offline, your organization is losing revenue. Even a routine oil change takes your equipment out of commission for at least an hour.  But the QuickFit Oil Change System delivers a faster, cleaner oil change in as little as 30 minutes.

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Reduce consumables

Many consumable supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment are typically necessary to complete an oil change. To address this, QuickFit delivers a single-point oil change through an accessible, single connector that allows the oil to drain directly from the vehicle to the final waste containment.

Cut labor costs

Additionally, QuickFit alleviates the complexity of an oil change, reducing the processes time commitment by 50% with a three-step standardized process to purge, evac, and refill the oil system, the company stated.

Standardize the process

Despite how each OEM, make, and model has unique engine configurations for equipment that changes every few years, the QuickFit system requires minimal training for skilled technicians and trainees alike. The three-step process is easy to understand and repeat, no matter the engine it is used for.

Protect your equipment

A traditional oil change presents several risks that could jeopardize the performance and longevity of equipment, affecting your workflow and costs. By simplifying the process, the QuickFit system minimizes safety hazard risks and maintains the integrity of your machines and equipment by eliminating potential oil contamination or machine damage.

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