Sonnhalter Covid 19 Tip Sheet

Sonnhalter Offers COVID-19 information resource for Business-to-Tradesmen industry

Oct. 6, 2020
The agency examines COVID-19 effects on professional tradesmen, manufacturers, trade media, and influencers.

Sonnhalter, a communications firm marketing to the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial, and MRO markets, created a comprehensive resource guide full of information regarding COVID-19 and its effects on the Business-to-Tradesmen (B2T) niche that Sonnhalter serves. Sonnhalter’s COVID-19 Tip Sheet is available for download at

Through extensive research and interviews with a number of key industry stakeholders, Sonnhalter created content at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued throughout the ensuing months to examine the effects and compare them to effects that were initially predicted for the future of the industry. The coverage of the topic includes a five-part series with several editors, publishers, and key personnel from the trade media industry, a three-part series of interviews with industry influencers, advice for COVID-19 internal and external communications, and content and interviews from the distributor’s perspective.

“As an agency dedicated to the business-to-tradesmen industry, Sonnhalter quickly realized the tremendous impact COVID-19 would have on all facets of our business, so we wanted to not only provide communications resources to help businesses during the pandemic, but also educate ourselves by hearing from all types of industry voices on the effects of the pandemic,” said Matt Sonnhalter, vision architect at Sonnhalter. “Discovering how manufacturers, media, distributors, and influencers adjusted to the challenges of this new normal has been a fascinating learning experience and we have been wholly impressed with their ingenuity and resilience during this pandemic.”