July 2022

Photo: Navistar
Navistar International Technician Under Hood (1)
Employees & Training

How to build a solid technician pipeline

July 29, 2022
Attract and retain technicians for your operations with solid partnerships and processes.
Photo: NVI
NVI-Blairsville in Pennsylvania is one of several automotive and diesel trade schools training the next generation of technicians. Patrick Baker (pictured) finished the six-month program in June as part of NVI's first graduating class.
Shop Operations

Finding and retaining technicians: Understanding the supply and demand

July 25, 2022
In Part 1 of our in-depth guide to recruiting and retaining commercial vehicle technicians, we analyze the supply of and demand for entry-level techs.
Erin Brown | Fleet Maintenance
The Mating Game2 01
Trailers, Towing & Specialty

The Mating Game: Maintaining strong, long-lasting tractor-trailer connections

July 20, 2022
Tractors and trailers were built to stay a happy couple, but even simple relationships can turn messy if not given enough attention.
Photo: Bee Line
Aligning the rear axle is the final step in what Bee Line calls a “total vehicle wheel alignment.”
In the Bay

Taking the right angle on alignment services

July 19, 2022
With the right tools, training, and strategy, vehicle alignments can become a money-making machine for both repair shops and the fleets they service.
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Getty Images 1227432460
Employees & Training

Why are shops still a 'no woman’s land'?

July 15, 2022
Vehicle maintenance isn’t for everybody, but the lack of female technicians makes no sense.

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Shop Management

Tips to help fleets manage costs amid inflationary pressures

June 14, 2022
Brian Antonellis, SVP of fleet operations for Fleet Advantage, recommends breaking down fleet expenses into four major buckets and planning out equipment procurement three to ...
Photo: A. Duie Pyle
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Shop Safety

A. Duie Pyle’s maintenance key to award-winning safety operations

June 10, 2022
The Pennsylvania-based LTL carrier won the ATA's highest safety award for the fifth time, and that culture permeates the fleet's shops as well.
Photo: Kodiak Robotics
Kodiak Sensor Pod 1
Safety & Technology

Southern Tire Mart teams with Kodiak to simplify AV maintenance

June 8, 2022
The maintenance provider has found autonomous vehicle developer Kodiak Robotics' SensorPods, which house several complex cameras and sensors to enable autonomous trucks to operate...
Photo: FleetOwner
Fleetowner 6673 Brake Inspection
Brakes, Tire & Wheel

CVSA Brake Safety Week starts Aug. 21. Are you prepared?

Brake Safety Week will take place August 21-27. Here is what you need to know prior to the safety blitz, and how your fleet’s assets can be prepared to pass inspection.