March 2023

A technician inspects the underbody of a vehicle using a four-post lift, a key component to shop safety.
Shop Safety

Lessons in lift safety for the modern shop

March 27, 2023
Experts offer three ways to improve a shop’s lift safety program.
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Fleet management systems spotlight

March 27, 2023
Shops and fleets alike can save themselves time and money by actively monitoring their vehicles' needs, which is where fleet management platforms can shine in increasing uptime...
Supertruck Ii Dtna

SuperTruck II pushes future engine improvements

March 24, 2023
Freightliner demonstrated powertrain, aerodynamic, tire, and energy management improvements that resulted in a 12-mpg performance for the next-gen heavy-duty vehicle.
Modine Manufacturing
EVantage Battery Thermal Management System
Battery & Electrical

How battery thermal management systems protect EVs in cold weather

March 23, 2023
Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on lithium-ion batteries by reducing range and extending charging time, but BTMS can mitigate these issues.
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The Amazing Emissions Race

March 20, 2023
With competition from EVs heating up and the EPA enacting stricter emissions rules, OEMs must speed forward with new I.C.E. innovations to keep pace.

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Shop Management

A recovering workaholic's guide to self-maintenance

March 17, 2023
A recent health scare taught Fleet Maintenance's editor-in-chief the hard way that to achieve the most uptime, you need to give yourself some downtime.
Ryder System, Inc.
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Diagnostic & Repair

Preventive maintenance for commercial vehicle doors and locks

March 15, 2023
With the rise in last-mile and regional operations, it’s paramount for fleets to know when door hinge, handle, and lock PMs are due to ensure longevity and uptime.
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Emissions & Efficiency

The future of propane autogas engine technology

Feb. 7, 2023
New engine technology is poised to help fleets decarbonize while providing diesel-like performance, durability, and reliability.
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Employees & Training

Managing technician pay and quality work

Feb. 6, 2023
Fullbay recently hosted a roundtable discussion with AM PM Diesel Services focused on a hot topic in maintenance: technician pay and its impact on retention and training.
Josh Fisher | FleetOwner
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Emissions & Efficiency

Freightliner’s SuperTruck II previews diesel’s more efficient future

Feb. 3, 2023
DTNA called this iteration of the Department of Energy-backed SuperTruck program its most efficient diesel-powered Class 8 vehicle. Technologies and design preview how trucking...
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Emissions & Efficiency

Maybe it’s not so simple

Feb. 1, 2023
Achieving a reduction in emissions and fossil fuel use in transportation may not be as simple as abandoning the diesel-powered ship as developments have proven significant improvements...
Noregon Systems
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Diagnostic & Repair

Four trends shaping the commercial vehicle maintenance industry in 2023

Jan. 31, 2023
The Unpacking the Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Market 2023 report from Noregon delivers a positive outlook for the maintenance industry’s shop activities, repair volume, revenue...