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  • Tool & Shop Equipment Supplement - April 2021
  • Tool & Shop Equipment Supplement - April 2021

    Shop Equipment

    Tool Review: Rotary R544 Pro Truck 2D Wheel Balancer

    April 13, 2021
    The reviewer appreciates the balancer’s versatility, time-saving functionality, and its company-backed support.
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    Tool Review: GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Lug Nut Extraction Sockets

    April 8, 2021
    The reviewer says the tapered entry and extra depth “makes all the difference.”
    Speed Smoke Front 5f5b8ea4df87e 5ffe002342fe2
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Tool Review: Redline Detection SpeedSmoke

    April 8, 2021
    The reviewer was highly impressed with the equipment’s ability to provide both high and low pressure testing for leaks.
    Cojali Scape
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Tool Review: Cojali Jaltest CV Kit

    April 8, 2021
    Available OE data, ease of use, and versatility make this scan tool a must-have for fleets, according to the reviewer.
    Milwaukee Wrenches 604f7cf6efff6

    Tool Review: Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches w/ Friction Ring

    April 8, 2021
    The reviewer appreciated this tool’s reliable construction and triple LEDs for bright lighting.

    More content from Tool & Shop Equipment Supplement - April 2021

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    Diagnostic & Repair

    Tool Review: CanDo HD Pro III

    April 8, 2021
    The reviewer appreciates the wide range of coverage provided by this tool.
    551 005 Oil Filter And Air Dryer Highres

    Universal Belt Wrench, No. 551 005

    March 18, 2021
    Fits oil filter sizes of up to 7” diameter
    Diagnostic & Repair

    ArtiDiag800BT Diagnostic Tool

    March 18, 2021
    Capable of OE-level analysis of 28 automotive systems
    Redline Scape


    March 18, 2021
    Designed to be compatible with any smoke machine
    Knipex Scape

    Pipe and Connector Pliers Series with Plastic Inserts, No. 81 11 250

    March 18, 2021
    Ideal for loosening hoses and nozzles gently
    Martins Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Truck Tire Demounting Tool, No. MDT-T

    March 16, 2021
    Features rollers at the ends of its prying points
    Volvo Gengras Helios Mobile 1 6009974913623
    Shop Equipment

    Helios Underbody Scanner

    March 15, 2021
    Provides hi-res imaging for full undercarriage visibility
    Sn 1288 604f69b92bf99 Web

    Compact Needle Scaler, No. SN-1288

    March 15, 2021
    Motor delivers 5,500 bpm
    Atd Scape
    Shop Equipment

    50-Ton Shop Press with Guard, No. ATD-7457

    March 11, 2021
    Movable cylinder provides added flexibility

    Handheld Tubing Straightener, No. TS224

    Straightens 3/16” and 1/4” tubing
    Milwaukee Packout Box Scape
    Shop Equipment

    PACKOUT XL Tool Box, No. 48-22-8429

    March 9, 2021
    Interior organization tray for hand tools and accessories
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    Shop Equipment

    6 Drawer Flip Top Cart with Power Drawer

    Includes charging shelf for smaller devices
    Shop Equipment

    2 Ton Scissor Jack, No. 24799

    March 4, 2021
    360 degree rotation saddle
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    Extended Handle Ratchets

    March 2, 2021
    Available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"
    Allstart Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Boost Max Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit, No. 560

    March 1, 2021
    Auto-shutoff feature conserves battery life
    1500 B

    3-pc Hose Pinch Pliers Set, No. 1500

    March 1, 2021
    Offers self-locking feature
    Snap On Scape


    March 1, 2021
    Features a fast, two second boot-up
    93760 Super Evac Plus Ii With Strap 2048x1685

    SuperEvac PLUS II Vacuum Pump

    Able to handle low voltage conditions
    Eagle Scape
    Shop Equipment

    9,000 lbs Floor Plate Two-Post Lift

    Feb. 23, 2021
    Has a drive-through clearance of 101"
    Bendpak Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Dannmar MB-240X Manual Wheel Balancer

    Feb. 18, 2021
    Automatically determines the exact weight needed
    Wiha Scape

    11inOne Multi-Driver

    Feb. 15, 2021
    Features parallel flats to prevent table-top roll-off
    Shop Equipment

    Inductor Pro-Max Fully Loaded

    Includes all Pro-Max attachments
    Rocket Air Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Radiator Rocket Coil & Line Cleaner, No. LT886

    Feb. 8, 2021
    Designed to clean cooling coils with air instead of water
    Johndow Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Fixed Motorized Hose Reel System

    Offers hose options for specific temperatures
    Fuse Buddy

    Relay Fuse Buddy, No. 316

    For 12V and 24V applications
    Lisle Relay Tester Scape

    Relay Pro 12V and 24V Relay Tester, No. 60150

    Jan. 29, 2021
    Heavy duty gator clips provide secure connection
    Mueller Kueps Scape
    Shop Equipment

    Uni-Worktable, No. EQ-350

    Jan. 29, 2021
    Bumpers to help protect vehicle
    Hazet Scape

    Twin Turbo Impact Wrench, No. 9014 TT

    Jan. 27, 2021
    Suitable for both right- or left-handed users
    Gw 82203 C Temp 6008383c8b40c 60108882231cf (1) Web

    PitBull Pliers

    Jan. 26, 2021
    Offers ideal grip and cutting ability
    Ex Red Def Scape
    Diagnostic & Repair

    DEF Hydrometer, No. SP110

    Jan. 26, 2021
    Quickly reads levels of diesel exhaust fluid
    Vim Scape

    15" Wrench Extender, No. WE15

    Jan. 26, 2021
    Works with almost any wrench
    Cornwell Cutter Stripper Square

    Upfront Cutter/Stripper

    Requires less force to cut

    Dent Driver Kit, No. 6119

    Jan. 12, 2021
    Helps remove dents from plastic bumpers
    7250 500x500

    Cummins Service Kit, No. 7250

    Jan. 12, 2021
    For 6.7L Cummins Diesel engines
    Shop Equipment

    Heavy Duty Reel Covers

    Jan. 12, 2021
    Resistant to punctures, tears, and abrasion
    Mt2748 M Product Image Primary Image

    3/8" Stubby Push Button Impact Wrench, No. MT2748M

    Jan. 6, 2021
    Easily adjust torque output with regulator dial
    313 01219 8in1 Drain Plug Wrench

    8-in-1 Drain Plug Wrench with Magnet

    Dec. 22, 2020
    Features an offset head design
    Knaack Safety Kage
    Shop Equipment

    Knaack Safety Kage, Nos. 139-SK-02 and 139-SK-03

    Optimize personal protective equipment storage
    Power Drive On Ratchet

    PowerDrive, No. PMXPDT250

    Attaches to any 1/4” drive
    Diesel Laptops Kit
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Diesel Scope Digital Storage Oscilloscope Kits

    Dec. 1, 2020
    Specifically targeted towards heavy duty vehicles and equipment
    Its600 Tbe200 In Use
    Diagnostic & Repair

    MaxiTPMS ITS600 Intelligent Tire Service and Diagnostic Tablet

    Nov. 30, 2020
    Provides detailed scan reports including tread depth measurement
    43060 Tb
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Turbo/Intake Diagnostic Smoke Machine with Internal Compressor, No. 43060-TB

    Nov. 23, 2020
    The Mastercool Turbo/Intake Diagnostic Smoke Machine with Internal Compressor, No. 43060-TB, is designed for all turbo, intakes, exhaust, vacuum lines and vacuum components, manifolds...
    3 8 Sae Rolled

    Socket Roll SAE Pro

    Nov. 17, 2020
    Keeps sockets and accessories secure
    Innova Scan
    Diagnostic & Repair

    FixAssist 5160RS

    Features optional OBD-l coverage
    Ev Kit Case
    Diagnostic & Repair

    PicoScope 4425A Electric Vehicle Kit

    Oct. 27, 2020
    The Pico Technology PicoScope 4425A Electric Vehicle Kit is designed to provide the essential measurement tools users will need for both high and low voltage systems, including...
    Et16 Beauty L
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Borescope for Android Devices, No. ET16

    Oct. 12, 2020
    The Klein Tools Borescope for Android Devices, No. ET16, features a waterproof 9mm camera and a 10' armored gooseneck to capture vivid images and video in hard-to-access areas...
    I H11 R 502022 Standard Laying 5efa4cfe1cb20

    Tool Review: Ledlenser iH11R

    Oct. 8, 2020
    The reviewer appreciated this flashlight’s handsfree usability.
    96 Pcs Topbox
    Shop Equipment

    Topbox with Lid and 96-pc Tools

    Sept. 29, 2020
    The Sonic Tools Topbox with Lid and 96-pc Tools is designed to be mobile. With integrated handles on each side, it can easily be lifted and moved around the shop. The 96-pc kit...
    4 Magnetic Disposable Glove Dispenser

    Magnetic Disposable Glove Dispenser

    Sept. 16, 2020
    The Ascot Supply Magnetic Disposable Glove Dispenser holds all standard sized boxes of disposable gloves as well as tissues. Its magnets attach to toolboxes, tool chests, or any...
    Shop Equipment

    28" 7 Drawer Tool Cart, No. 24566

    Sept. 2, 2020
    The OEMTOOLS 28" 7 Drawer Tool Cart, No. 24566, provides 9,505 cu. in. of storage space and is designed for efficiency and durability. Its welded dual-wall construction with 19...
    35 Rpg Wheel Weight Removal Tool

    RPG Wheel Weight Adhesive Removal Tool

    Aug. 6, 2020
    The Ascot Supply RPG Wheel Weight Adhesive Removal Tool features a high-torque motor that is able to cut through stubborn wheel weight adhesive, body pinstripes, and more. It ...
    1178 Vxl 2

    VIBROTHERM DRIVE Composite 1/2” x 2” Extended Anvil Impact Wrench, No. 1178-VXL-2

    The AIRCAT VIBROTHERM DRIVE Composite 1/2” x 2” Extended Anvil Impact Wrench, No. 1178-VXL-2, features a hammer mechanism that reduces vibration levels up to 40 percent and increases...
    290 200 System 114 Usa Ohne Halter

    High Performance Air Hammer "Vibro-Impact" System, No. EQ-290 206

    July 28, 2020
    The Mueller-Kueps High Performance Air Hammer "Vibro-Impact" System, No. EQ-290 206, is designed to loosen tight and frozen connections, as well as helps to disassemble conical...
    3bay 1
    Shop Equipment

    Badass Workbenches

    July 20, 2020
    Badass Workbenches at Trick-Tools are made in the U.S.A and feature extreme duty construction. Whether welding, grinding, cutting, or hammering, the workbenches are able to hold...
    App R2 V Lanterne 02
    Shop Equipment

    R2V Vertical Storage

    July 6, 2020
    The Rousseau Metal R2V Vertical Storage is designed to be stacked on top of the company's R cabinet, helping users reclaim floor space by making use of vertical space. The drawers...
    Trailers, Towing & Specialty

    In-Frame Tool Box

    June 29, 2020
    The Minimizer In-Frame Tool Box, No. 103851, is designed to fit on 27" to 28.5" frames and has clearance for the driveshaft built into the bottom of the box. It can hold up to...

    12V Industrial Cordless Rivet Gun Kit, No. SP81371

    May 28, 2020
    The SP Tools by SP Air 12V Industrial Cordless Rivet Gun Kit, No. SP81371, is designed to set 300 rivets in one charge. It includes three interchangeable nozzles and is able to...
    505127 Alt1

    Composite Impact Wrenches

    May 26, 2020
    JET's line of 3/4" and 1" Composite Impact Wrenches deliver power, durability, and a lightweight design in a short and well-balanced package. These tools generate 1,400 ft-lbs...
    C55 Complete Setup
    Shop Equipment

    Racing System C55

    May 21, 2020
    The Beta Tools Racing System C55 modular workshop combination allows users to create a modern work environment customized to fit their space and storage needs. A rationally organized...
    Rolled Tool Mat Roll 2
    Shop Equipment

    Magnetic ToolMat

    May 15, 2020
    The Magnetic ToolMat from Master Magnetics is designed to securely hold tools and small parts while in the workshop, garage, or on the job site, allowing the user to stay organized...
    Chev Silverado Under Seat Storage 4 S002 Tools
    Trailers, Towing & Specialty

    Under Seat Storage System

    April 21, 2020
    The WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System is a custom-fit pickup truck storage bin that fits underneath the rear seat to keep the truck organized and clutter-free. The system ...
    Homak Cts
    Shop Equipment

    CTS (Centralized Tool Storage)

    The Homak Manufacturing CTS (Centralized Tool Storage) is an ideal solution to help technicians keep their tools – and shop – organized. The CTS is 24” deep and is constructed...
    55921 Alt2
    Shop Equipment

    Tradesman Pro Click-Lock Modular System

    April 17, 2020
    The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Click-Lock Modular System is designed to allow users to carry and transport both tools and parts in a system that can be easily customized to fit...
    Sata Weekender Bag
    Shop Equipment

    SATA Weekender Bag

    April 16, 2020
    The SATA Weekender Bag comes free of charge with the purchase of every SATAjet X 5500 during the promotion period going on now, while supplies last. Whether as a casual everyday...
    Ketn682 B3 Wfh 2
    Shop Equipment

    100th Year Edition 68" EPIQ Roll Cab, No. KETN682B3WFH

    April 1, 2020
    The Snap-on 100th Year Edition 68" EPIQ Roll Cab, No. KETN682B3WFH, features first-time color combination of gunmetal clear coat paint with a new brushed red trim color. The unit...
    Yz T Cropped

    Yokota YZ-T Battery Shutoff Wrench

    April 1, 2020
    The Yokota YZ-T Battery Shutoff Wrench by Ingersoll Rand reaches the set target value quickly and delivers precise, high-speed fastening with enhanced ergonomics and reactionless...
    Angle Grinder

    Capri Tools 1hp 1/4" Air Angle Die Grinder, No. CP32505

    March 25, 2020
    The Capri Tools 1hp 1/4" Air Angle Die Grinder, No. CP32505, is ideal for automotive, industrial, and heavy duty applications. It features a 1hp motor with 18,000 rpm of speed...
    Mcm401 (1)

    20V MAX 3” Polisher & 2” Sander

    March 23, 2020
    The Mac Tools 20V MAX 3” Polisher & 2” Sander is ideal for headlight restoration and precise detail applications. Its BL-SPEC brushless motor offers maximum runtime and performance...