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  • January/February 2023
  • January/February 2023

    Cummins; 1355286117 | Hasan As Ari | Getty Images
    Spotlight On Powertrain

    How to improve engine efficiency and service life

    Feb. 22, 2023
    Engine experts discuss ways to hit higher levels of efficiency.
    John Hitch | Fleet Maintenance
    In The Bay
    In the Bay

    Roadmap to resolving roadside breakdowns

    Feb. 21, 2023
    Mapping out a strategy to reduce downtime, cost, and risk during an emergency roadside event.
    Image: Photo 120591720 Leowolfert | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime L 120591720
    Data & Telematics

    Hype is real with predictive maintenance

    Feb. 17, 2023
    You have every right to get excited about predictive maintenance and the future of commercial vehicle repair, but remember to be patient as well.
    John Hitch | Fleet Maintenance
    Shop Op Fortune
    Data & Telematics

    How predictive maintenance can save fleets a fortune

    Feb. 15, 2023
    You don’t need a crystal ball to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs when you have data and a scalable predictive maintenance solution.
    Image: 1251720589 |tifonimages | Getty Images
    Getty Images 1251720589 R
    Trailers, Towing & Specialty

    Is it time for smart trailer adoption?

    Feb. 14, 2023
    The latest connected trailer offerings are ready to help fleets improve uptime and efficiency.

    More content from January/February 2023

    DPF cleaning and replacements range between $2,500 to $8,000 per vehicle. Pre-heating the engine with a fuel-operated heater can increase their lifespan and reduce maintenance departments’ repair load.

    How fuel-operated heaters ease aftertreatment issues

    Feb. 13, 2023
    Diesel particulate filter issues can be the bane of a maintenance department, but pre-conditioning engines can drastically (and economically) improve efficiency.
    John Hitch | Fleet Maintenance
    The 'Emerging Leadership Panel' at HDAD 2023 included (from left to right): Julie Alfermann, Jack Chung, Tanya Miracle, and CJ Biank.
    Shop Management

    Trucking's emerging leaders offer advice on people management

    Jan. 25, 2023
    As trucking goes through technological changes, so too do the personnel and skill sets required to succeed in the industry. Here is how your fleet can prepare your next generation...
    John Hitch / Fleet Maintenance
    MEMA HDAD government session
    Emissions & Efficiency

    Divided Congress opens door for executive branch agenda: MEMA

    Jan. 24, 2023
    "This year, from a regulatory perspective, is definitely going to be the year of fuel efficiency," MEMA's Ann Wilson told attendees at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue.
    John Hitch | Fleet Maintenance
    Cummins Meritor Hdaw

    Meet the new Cummins-Meritor

    Jan. 20, 2023
    With Meritor folded into Cummins' Components operating segment, the business unit is poised to serve fleets' needs even better than before.
    John Hitch | Fleet Maintenance
    Hdawomen Reception
    Employees & Training

    HDAW focuses on trucking's women at first-ever event

    Jan. 19, 2023
    Female aftermarket leaders joined forces to host a women’s networking event at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, which highlighted FedEx technician Bonnie Greenwood’s rise to shop ...