April 2023

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Tool Review: EZRED 8" S-Shaped Quarter Stick

Reviewed by Brian Noel, automotive mechanics technology professor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California.
Esab Rogue Et 200i P Pro
Shop Equipment

Tool Review: ESAB Rogue ET 200iP Pro

Reviewed by Michael Robinson, technician/welder at MAS in Lansing, Michigan.
Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool Set
Oemtools Caliper Rewind

Tool Review: OEMTOOLS Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool Set

A lead diagnostic technician discusses how the easy-to-use tool set saves time in the shop.
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Engine Oil Sample Lab
Fluids & Chemicals

Five questions to ask your lubricant technical expert

April 27, 2023
Optimizing oil drain intervals and reducing risk start with asking lubrication experts the right questions.
Mac Tools EM710 multimeter
Diagnostic & Repair

Tool review: Mac Tools Digital Multimeter, No. EM710

April 26, 2023
This oldie-but-goodie was reviewed by Chris Johnson, a Ryder technician out of Delta, British Columbia, Canada, who also was named 2022 Ryder Top Tech.

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In the Bay

Trucking's Fountain of Youth: How to keep older assets on the road

April 24, 2023
Industry data and shops' experiences both point to fleets holding onto trucks longer. The good news is that fleets can take actions to keep their assets on the asphalt several...
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Shop Operations

The post-pandemic parts plan: Shop solutions

April 20, 2023
Even as the pandemic shrinks in the rear-view mirror, supply issues still plague the vehicle maintenance industry. Here are the parts lessons shops have gleaned from the tough...
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Employees & Training

Are you willing to invest in techs?

April 20, 2023
Finding qualified technicians is not the same as keeping them, though their strategies often coincide.
Image: Clarios
Absorbent Glass Mat battery cutaway
Battery & Electrical

Building brainier batteries

April 19, 2023
Battery systems have had to advance as commercial vehicles get smarter and rely more on electrical systems.
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Holistic Equipment Online

Truck shops dig for root causes as vehicles add complexity

April 18, 2023
As commercial vehicles add more complexity, searching for the root cause of component failures, as opposed to just swapping parts, may be the better long-term treatment.
Brakes 1 Transervice
Brakes, Tire & Wheel

Decoding the disc vs. drum brake debate

April 17, 2023
Brake experts discuss the maintenance differences between drums and ADBs and lifecycle advantages of each.
Matco Revised

Tool Review: Matco Tools 1/2” Drive Dual-Flex Angle Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Reviewed by Brin Kline, shop owner/technician at Assured Auto Works in Melbourne, Fla.
Redline Detection
Redline Battery Coolant Detector 62fef1e4a2d7f
Battery & Electrical

Importance of detecting EV battery leaks

March 16, 2023
Leaks or contaminants can compromise an electric vehicle battery and endanger drivers and technicians, which is why battery detection solutions will be crucial, Redline Detection...
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Emissions & Efficiency

Are hydrogen engines the answer?

March 16, 2023
Along with being used in fuel cells, hydrogen can also fuel internal combustion engines. And while not always being the most efficient, fleets may find they are the most proficient...
Alex Keenan | Fleet Maintenance
Cummins X10 (2)
Emissions & Efficiency

TMC spotlights alt-powertrain challenges and potential

March 7, 2023
TMC's technical session on future powertrains highlighted benefits and challenges from supplier, fleet, and manufacturer perspectives.
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Top 100 U.S. truck stops, as rated by Trucker Path users

For this release of the mobile app provider's annual list, over 8.5 million ratings and reviews were used to rank America's best independent and chain truck stops of 2022.