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  • September 2022
  • September 2022

    Product Showcase
    Photo: Motive Products
    Fuel Study Blog Image
    Emissions & Efficiency

    Tracking vehicle and driver data saves fleets up to 13% on fuel costs, says Motive study

    In a two-year study, Motive found the most fuel efficient fleets kept close watch on idling time, driving behavior, and fleet health.
    241512493 | Hans Koster | Dreamstime
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    Shop Operations

    ATRI: Trucking endures 'costliest year ever'

    Despite a spike in costs, led by fuel price increases, the American Transportation Research Institute pointed out that the financial health of the industry remained strong throughout...
    Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash
    Enis Yavuz T Ztgoz Up Z Zc Unsplash
    Employees & Training

    Ten ways to tune-up your technicians

    Aug. 10, 2022
    Although it's more often technicians doing the tune-ups, they need as much attention as the vehicle assets themselves. To avoid tech burnout and increased downtime in your shop...
    Screengrab: MAN Truck & Bus Romania | YouTube
    Real Wear Man Ar Diagrams
    Shop Equipment

    Hands-on maintenance gets assist from hands-free wearable computer

    Aug. 1, 2022
    A new hands-free wearable computer from RealWear—the Navigator 500—is helping truck technicians get jobs done faster and more accurately.