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  • January/February 2024
  • January/February 2024

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    Trailers, Towing & Specialty

    Trailer whispering: Benefits of listening to smart trailers

    Feb. 26, 2024
    Having a ‘smart’ trailer doesn’t just mean tracking its location throughout the day. It’s about giving a voice to the trailer components that matter most.
    Guzman Automotive
    Shop Management

    The myth of running a family trucking business

    Feb. 23, 2024
    Family businesses are the backbone of America, and the successful ones are held up by thoughtful policies and consistent management. A great origin story never hurts, either.
    Photo courtesy of ExxonMobil

    Heavy-duty engine trends to watch in 2024

    Feb. 22, 2024
    Innovations at the OEM level are poised to help satisfy both regulatory requirements and fleets’ need for improved efficiency, durability, and TCO.
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    Employees & Training

    How to spot new shop leaders

    Feb. 21, 2024
    Promoting from within is a great way for maintenance departments to ensure consistency. Here are some best practices in finding the employees ready to lead in new roles.
    C.R. England
    Shop Operations

    C.R. England's secret to four generations of success? Faith and innovation

    Feb. 20, 2024
    Interstate teen trucker. War hero. Great-great grandpa. Gene England will leave big shoes to fill at C.R. England, if the 104-year-old ever stops coming into the office. The legacy...

    More content from January/February 2024

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    Shop Operations

    Shop succession plans for generational success

    Feb. 19, 2024
    Keeping a family-owned business going isn’t easy, but establishing ground rules and a strong culture will promote growth for decades to come.
    In the Bay

    How to elevate liftgate maintenance to avoid downtime

    Feb. 16, 2024
    When liftgates have trouble going up or down, expect a drop in uptime, too. A few experts offer troubleshooting and repair tips to keep your liftgates in operation.
    Battery & Electrical

    Getting the jump on engine starting

    Feb. 15, 2024
    Why choosing the right starting solution is critical to safety, efficiency, and productivity.
    Shop Management

    Optimizing work orders to prevent shop chaos

    Feb. 13, 2024
    Optimizing work orders creates a chain reaction of positive benefits in the shop.
    Diagnostic & Repair

    Three diagnostic trends shaping maintenance in 2024

    Feb. 5, 2024
    Noregon’s 2024 report on the commercial vehicle diagnostics sector found that telematics, remote diagnostics, and even AI are working to address evolving complexity concerns.
    Alex Keenan ︱Fleet Maintenance Magazine

    Industry to see eCommerce, Right to Repair changes in '24, aftermarket leaders say at HDAD

    Jan. 24, 2024
    Equipping fleets with the proper parts and data was a repeated theme at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue in Grapevine, Texas.